Fox King


Newspaper, fabric, tissue paper, acrylic, buttons and more I used in creating this mixed media piece. I built up layer after layer in this three dimensional work so that it literally pops out of the page.  I like this elegant fox.




High Tide

Winter at the beach:  I sat on the shore painting.

I finished this in two hours, unlike some of my other paintings I’ve worked on over weeks. You can see the speed in the quick, impressionistic brush strokes. I’m usually much more precise but and plan on doing more fast art work because I love the feel of wind and moving waves in this painting. high-tide

California Christmas

Cactus Flowers

Christmas time in Southern California you’ll find sunny days and ruslting palm trees rather than snow. I started this cactus painting with paler flowers that I kept overpainting and making brighter each time until they seemed happy. I used acrylics, colored pencils, and then a black painting pen for the final sharp lines.  I love the crispness and contrast of the colors in this painting. It took me several weeks of painting, then stepping back, then painting some more, until I got to a point where the cactuses said they were done. Though I’ve stopped working on this painting, and signaled to myself I was done by signing it, I do wonder if an artist considers a painting or a book are ever really ‘finished?’  What are your thoughts?

Snow Dragon

img_0871While the weather in Southern California is awesome, snow and Christmas time seem to go together. One year, after a breathtaking snowstorm, I envisioned a dragon made out of the fluffy white stuff. My hubby helped me realize my dream as we worked together to create our 20’+ snow dragon. After our creation was complete (and hands freezing cold) we filled spray bottles with water and food dye and sprayed the snow to add color. The yellow eyeballs are tennis balls!

This year, in sunny California, we could make a sand dragon on the beach…not quite the same but lovely nonetheless…the beach is close…wonder where my hubby is…



There’s nothing like a good nap

IMG_5940 My dog has gotten several mile long walks in the last two days thanks to my new enjoyment of Pokemon Go.Tucker is used to good exercise when my hubby is home but when he’s away I admit the walks tend to be a tad bit shorter – so I’m sure Tucker likes the game too!  Watch out (virtual) world – here we come!

Spring has Sprung

Here in Southern California you can feel spring in the air. Long pants are being packed away and shorts are coming out of drawers for the first time in months. Sailing season has started!  Sitting outside in the evening one no longer needs to huddle next to a heater (you can sit outside for dinner most of the year in this part of the country as long as you are surround by electric heaters – with the drought you won’t find bonfires)!

My art pictured here is a mixed media piece where I used tissue paper, newspaper, acylic paints, ink pen, pieces of real fallen bark, leaves and an evergreen branch glued on to the canvas with mod podge as as perch for this happy little bird.

Happy spring!